Friday 22 May 2009

The results are in!

Earlier this month we set up a survey to find out what members would like UKCoRR to do. The survey has now closed.

Approximately a quarter (24%) of members responded to the survey and it is really encouraging to see this level of response given that this is a particularly busy time of the academic calendar with many people away at conferences.

The committee will be meeting to review the results next week and in particular to make plans for the next UKCoRR meeting where we will take advantage of the various venues and speakers offered by respondents to the survey.

A tag cloud from the answers to our survey question "what themes or concerns would you like the meeting to address?

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Monday 11 May 2009

We're setting this blog up to try out the software and consider whether we could maintain a UKCoRR committee blog, to report to our membership.

Last week I attended the JISC Repositories and Preservation Programme meeting. I was there as the manager of a start-up repository, funded under that programme, but I was asked to present on working with the repositories community, so it was a great opportunity for me to plug the UKCoRR and explain how I think it fits in with RSP, Sherpa and the jisc-repositories mailing list. The first day of the conference was also the date we launched our survey of UKCoRR members, and this week it really feels as though my role as Chair of the UKCoRR is starting in earnest. We were quick to meet as a committee, after having been appointed, but what with the Easter break and wanting to prepare content to put out to the membership, we have been working very much apart from the members until this week. Now we are beginning to hear more about what our members want, and opportunities may arise out of contacts I made at the JISC meeting, for me to represent repository managers' concerns more widely. There is so much that we could or should do, and I'm very keen to prioritise, in order to keep my aims realistic!