Monday, 28 February 2011

Membership Meeting 25.02.2011

The membership meeting was held this year at Salford University's Clifford Whitworth Library. Karen Bates had kndly taken over responsibility for organising the event from Helen Kenna, with the University's Librarian, Julie Berry opening the proceedings for us. The facilities were excellent, there were no technical glitches and even the sun came out for us. After a committee round-up which included news of Graham Stone stepping down as chair (elections forthcoming), we had a short coffee/tea break before Richard Jones' presentation of the SWORD project. Next came the lightning talks - everone keeping to their 5 minutes beautifully. It was particularly good to hear from so many members and their work/projects from all around the UK. Josh Brown discussed JISC activities and their future plans with lunch then providing networking/catch up opportunities for all. Paul Stainthorp demonstrated the new UKCoRR map of members locations which will give us a clearer view of where we can hold future meetings/workshops. More lightning talks and networking finished off a very informative and relaxed day of repository related news and views. Nicky Cashman