Tuesday, 22 November 2011

OAPEN-UK focus group at the British Library

A couple of the UKCoRR committee members attended a focus group yesterday, aimed at repository managers, of the JISC/AHRC-funded OAPEN-UK project, which will run to 2015 and which aims to gather "evidence to help stakeholders make informed decisions on the future of open access scholarly monograph publishing in the humanities and social sciences".

We were both there in a 'personal' capacity, rather than representing UKCoRR; however UKCoRR members may find my report from the focus group interesting.

———Paul Stainthorp, UKCoRR web & publicity officer

OAPEN-UK focus group 4 OAPEN-UK focus group 3

OAPEN-UK focus group 2 OAPEN-UK focus group 1

Monday, 21 November 2011

We Are the Winners...

...of the 2011 UKeiG Jason Farradane award.  This is excellent news and the whole committee is delighted to accept this award on behalf of the wonderful UKCoRR members without whom...well there wouldn't be a UKCoRR.  Our thanks to our nominators and all those who provided vox pops on the value UKCoRR adds to the LIS and research community.

Those of you who are at the Online Exhibition and conference in December may well get the chance to see the award being presented in person to the External Liasion Officer (exact date and time TBC)