Thursday 21 January 2010

JISC Cross Projects Forum Meeting 18/01/2010

I attended this meeting with my UKCoRR hat on. With me were colleagues from the WRN, via video conference were Andy McGreggor from JISC and James from ERIS and Dominic for the RSP. There were updates from participants which included the process of information gathering, focus groups, technical enhancements (ERIS), the results of which will be made available. The WRN discussed e-theses harvesting, developing learning objects and future planned events and workshops. The RSP are now recruiting and planning a general outreach activity event and possibly a CRIS/REF management event. Main event for senior management to unveil Alma Swan’s report re: impact of repositories to be held in London, March’10. UKCoRR’s Leicester meeting was discussed as well as the growing number of members and future plans. All participants engaged in the following topics: technological and communication issues, training days, blogs, site visits, free consultancy, general uptake of repositories by top level management and finally, and most importantly, the sharing of tips with other repository managers. Nicky Cashman

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