Tuesday 18 August 2009

Response from the JISC

I fed back members' comments from our event to the JISC, about wanting more lead-in time for JISC funded projects, when we can recruit staff. JISC have responded:

"...we have received such feedback before, and we're aware that this is an issue for many projects. However, we are very constrained in what we can do about it to be honest, because of the way in which our funding works. We do our best, but I agree that it does remain a concern. We do try very hard to work with projects on this, and we do suggest that the first three months of a JISC project should be considered as setting up time.
"Proposals acknowledging this, where appropriate, are regarded as realistic, and as having mitigated potential risks that any project set-up can introduce. Projects should discuss this issue as early as possible with their JISC programme manager, who will be able to work with them to help the project develop a project plan that reflects the realities of the situation."

For anyone who has not yet investigated the sessions from our event, please do see Dominic's presentation about the JISC Recruitment toolkit, which kick-started this feedback to the JISC.

Also see the JISC Recruitment Toolkit itself.

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