Wednesday 10 June 2009

Attending OAI6

I'm off to OAI6 in Geneva next week. It should be a really interesting event and I'll be talking about the DRIVER Mentor Service ( in the DRIVER Tutorial on the 17th June.

The idea for the Mentor Service came about from our experiences here in the UK and seeing how groups such as UKCoRR and the SHERPA partnership can really help to support repository managers. Many of our international colleagues are very interested in the role of UKCoRR and how something similar could help in other countries. I'll let you know how I get on.

After that I'll be giving two posters (hopefully with help) one on NECOBELAC ( and one on the EM-Loader project ( which is co-authored by another UKCoRR member Theo Andrew of the University of Edinburgh, and Ian Stuart (Edina) and Fred Howell (Textensor Ltd.), and uses an installation of SWORD to automate the deposit of articles into the Depot repository from

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