Friday, 15 July 2011

UKCoRR are getting social

While UKCoRR's "official" web presence is in the shop for repairs, we've been taking tentative steps to securing UKCoRR a space on some of the big social websites. In no particular order, we now have profiles on:
Rather than obsess and worry about whether to engage with these (or any other social sites: Google+, anyone?), the committee are taking the time-honoured "just do it" approach, and assuming hoping that our fellow UKCoRR members—inherently social creatures all!—will naturally gravitate to using those sites with which they're most comfortable.

…none of this is intended to replace in any way the existing tools for UKCoRR networking which have already proved themselves so useful: the events and the members' mailing list.

Q. Where else on the open web should UKCoRR plant its flag?

Next up: news of what we have planned for the main UKCoRR web site.

UKCoRR Web & Publicity Officer

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